Building Surveying

Hollis Hockley has strong relationships with building consultancy and surveying practices operating in our core region. These are independent businesses operated and run by senior partners/directors with a high level of expertise. We make recommendations in appointing these practices, as and when appropriate during the course of servicing property instructions

Key reasons for employing a building surveyor include:

  • Structural Surveys
  • Commissioning of Building, Mechanical & Electrical Surveys as part of the due diligence in a property acquisition (leasehold or freehold interest)
  • Preparation of a Schedule of Dilapidations prior to the end of a lease
  • Preparation of a Schedule of Condition to limit/cap repairing liabilities


What is a Schedule of Dilapidations?

A Schedule of Dilapidations is a comprehensive list of items of repair required in order for a occupier to comply with their lease covenants, and is generally enforceable by the Landlord at the end of a lease, however determined. This will potentially include costs and fees which will be subject to negotiation between the parties and their respective surveyors.

What is a Schedule of Condition?

Whether you are a landlord or tenant dealing with a property, it may be appropriate to prepare a Schedule of Condition to best protect your interests and/or investment in a leased property.

A Schedule of Condition is typically a written record incorporating photographs of the physical condition of a property at a fixed point in time. The document is appended to a lease contract at the commencement of a lease and prior to occupation.

A competently prepared schedule acts as a supplementary document to assist the parties on the reinstatement obligations upon a lease expiry or valid termination of a lease.